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Rausi Company Limited has been in the textile industry since 1885, when the late Mr Giuseppe Rausi, who came from Messina, used to manufacture gloves and bags.

Ever since, we have strived in the textile industry and along the line diversified to the present;

– high-end wedding material, representing the best brands in the field, such as T. Kultchinsky from Germany and Solstiss from France.

– curtaining and upholstery material, representing the best Spanish brands amongst which are Alhambra, Bitex, Comersan, Joyper, Rioma and Yebane.

Acting as importers, wholesalers and agents, Rausi Company Limited supplies the best shops across Malta and Gozo, as well as specialized designer and custom made designs to suit the islands’ major players including Hotels, Restaurants, Night Clubs and Complexes.

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