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Textiles & Tenders


Rausi Company Limited has been in the textile industry since 1885, when the late Mr. Giuseppe Rausi, used to manufacture gloves and bags.

Ever since, we have strived in the textile industry and along the line diversified to the present, in lines such as ready made curtains, linen, towels and custom designed fabrics.

Our suppliers are among the best brands located in Spain, such as Alhambra, Bitex, Comersan, Joyper, Rioma and Yebane.

Acting as importers, wholesalers and agents, Rausi Company Limited supplies the best Home and Textile shops across Malta and Gozo, as well as specialized designer and custom made designs to suit the islands’ major players including Hotels, Restaurants, Night Clubs and upmarket offices.

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Rausi Co. Ltd. has, for many years, participated in tendering processes issued by the Government of Malta, and has on numerous occasions also been awarded tenders, namely those relating to industrial machinery, compacting, bailing and shredding machines, machinery used in educational environments such as CNC laser cutters, embroidery machines, industrial irons. Rausi Co. Ltd. is involved in a number public procurement procedures for both one-off or repetitive purchases and is well-experienced in all the processes undertaken in such procedures, be it tender preparation and submission, online tender evaluation, contract awarding, contract management, creation and management of catalogues, to name a few.

This tendering project ensures that Rausi Co. Ltd. remains diversified and serves well to expose the company to products on the market. Exactness, efficiency and quality are three characteristics which the company prides itself in and which are standards which are to always be met in the public procurement field.

Rausi Co. Ltd is always open to collaborating with new suppliers, either local or foreign to work together on any new public tenders available.

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