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tendasud-outdoorTendasud has been building high quality awnings since 1975; the company still continues to expand and occupies now an area of 6500mq. Born to pack sun canopies, over the years has come to produce all types of awnings for balconies, terraces and public places. It’s a complete company, certified for the quality and the environment, ranging from design to production with modern equipment and cutting edge.

Sun blinds have been used since Man invented them at the beginning of time. The study of the sunblind in the last 40 years has been our priority: we have been engaged in the search of the best materials in terms of resistance and durability, of the best metals, aluminium and stainless steel , of the best fabrics but above all, we have searched for functionality. These have always been our guidelines and, even though, at present, poor quality dominates the market with the throw-away system and foreign products of doubtful origin, we have never betrayed our values and inspiration. Design and Technology two simple words, which we repeat to ourselves every day, in our planning and research department, in which we draw on the cooperation of skilled designers, product engineers and architects. Design and Technology in order to offer an avant-garde product that may last over time. Design and Technology a commitment not to disappoint our customers.

The on-going research for quality has led us to invest in the most modern and advanced equipment to date. Currently we manufacture everything, from the screw to the finished product, with on-going quality-control being carried out by specially appointed internal staff and also by external authorities, who periodically monitor our production. Our on-going commitment has led us not to overlook any intermediate phase in the production process, in order to arrive at the finished product which we enthusiastically take care of. The projecting, designing, solid modelling, checks, the building of the mould, the moulding of the parts, resistance tests, certifications and final service tests, are all essential production phases for the attainment of a product designed to satisfy its user. Our production includes many different models all designed to solve any problem relating to sun blinds; we manufacture both the small-sized sun blinds for balconies, and also the big sun blind structures for terraces or public places, but above all, we manufacture quality accessories which in the hands of our competent customers, make them feel protagonists and leaders in their specific sector.

HomeTrends Home & Garden are the local distributors for Tendasud awnings and sunblinds in Malta.

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